Drinking wine can create a sensation of warmth in the body, but it does not actually raise your body temperature. The feeling of warmth is a result of the way alcohol affects your body and blood vessels.

Alcohol in the wine, acts as a vasodilator, meaning it causes the blood vessels near the surface of your skin to widen or dilate. This dilation increases blood flow to the skin, giving you a warm sensation, this Increased Blood Flow flow can make your skin feel warm and may give the illusion of raising your body temperature


Also, the anticipation and enjoyment of drinking wine can also contribute to a perceived feeling of warmth. Psychologically, associating wine with relaxation and comfort can create a sense of warmth and well-being, hence the picture reference to drinking red wine next to a fire.


Essentially the same effect can be achieved with a higher alcohol white wine (if thats what you like)as drinking a red wine. The perception and physical sensations will depend on person to person, how their blood pressure is, the size of there person and their exposure to alcohol.


Why not try the slightly weightier white blends available such AA Badenhorst Kalmoesfontein white blend of Chenin Blanc, Rousanne, Grenache blanc at 14% Abv%...available from www.solovino.biz


An alternative could be a thick skinned wine (like Syrah) from the new world, with high Alc% that has undergone a minimum of 1 year in Oak barrels, whole grape fermentation - leading to more tannin structure, alcohol,histamine content (for blood vessel dilation) and therefore more perception of warmth - try Pepperwind Syrah From Old Road Wine company