Any dish (which is most of them) that have Cilantro and lime in them, would do well to match with a good crisp white wine like a fresh sauvignon blanc - why not try the Escondida Sauvingon Blanc or the Cloud factory Sauvignon blanc - both available at

Enchilladas - For all you Guacomole lovers out there - the freshness and fruit forwardness of a Prosecco Rose will punch through the avocado and the Dhania (cilantro) - how about the new and easy drinking Le Dolci collini Prosecco Rose from Italy

Chicken Mole - A good wine to pair would be a fresh Pinot Noir - how about the Elgin Pinot noir or the Exciting Organic Adobe Pinot Nor from

Another alternative - How about a crisp and fresh Vino Verde from Portugal 

Floral, citrus and gentle tropical aromas lead on to a palate which is deliciously off-dry with flavours of ripe melon and sherbet lemon acidity. The finish is refreshing with a classic spritz. Great as an aperitif - or serve with salads, tacos and grilled fish


Or Don Julio Reposado Tequila !