"Stay connected"

Said everyone ... all the time, During and After Covid !!

...we are going to make the assumption and refer to it as keeping connected to something you know / have a  afiliation to !

For us,  as wine enthusiasts and lovers it would have to be ..."stay connected to your old time favourite wines"..."your go-to wine".....for us...its ...Pinot Grigio...This very approachable wine varietal has been a bit part of our lives since 2017. what did I know about it prior to 2017 and growing up...not very much...except that we would drink an Italian style out of Verona...but there s more to it than meets the eye....

Drinking responsibly during the day, matching with sushi from your favourite Japanese restaurant (ours is Tokyo in Lavington...try the Toro !), how about with spicy karogas or thai food?

Whether one is looking for an Alsatian styles or a new world Pinot Gris or an easy drinking Argentinian its a certainly a trendy varietal that will keep "you connected" with friends.

Look out for our next blog on Pinotage, a signature grape varietal from South Africa.