So, what is Palomino Grapes and where might you have tried a style of it?


The Palomino grape variety is most commonly associated with the production of sherry, a fortified wine from the region of Jerez in southern Spain.

Palomino grapes are grown in the "Sherry Triangle," an area located in the province of Cádiz in southwestern Spain. The grapes are known for their high sugar content and low acidity, which makes them well-suited for the production of fortified wines.

Palomino wine can vary in style and flavor depending on the specific winemaking techniques employed. Dry styles of Palomino wine are often light and crisp with subtle fruit flavors and a distinctive nutty character.

Try out the old bush wine brand Strange Kompanjie Palomino - using small parcels of bush vine in Piekenierskloof South Africa to make a textured, dry, citru,lemony almost nutty style - beautiful with fish dishes and Asparagus.

Some more seasoned drinkers will have  probably had Palomino in its most famous form - Sherry

Some examples include Fino and Manzanilla sherries. Sweeter styles, such as Pedro Ximénez or Cream sherries, are made by blending Palomino wine with other grape varieties or sweetening agents.