Aperol Spritz could be on your list for the holidays or could it be an Aperol Gin Cocktail - a twist on the classic and just as refreshing, with less sugar !



The floral elements of gin combined with the bitterness of Aperol, freshness of lime and soda lend itself to a great alternative to the classic Aperol spritz.

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How to Make an Aperol Gin Cocktail


Ingredient Notes:

  • Gin: This particular Aperol cocktail pairs really well with Hendrick's Gin because of its cucumber undertones, however, can be made  with both Tanqueray and Bombay gins, too. The flavor of the gin shines through so be sure to use your favorite.
  • Lime Juice: Fresh lime juice is a must for the best cocktails. Bottled juice contains preservatives that alter the taste.
  • Club Soda: The quality of your mixer makes a big difference. We like to use Fitch and leedes club soda
  • Cucumber: slice thin

Start by muddling the cucumber in the bottle of the glass, add the Gin (3 parts to 1 part Aperol), add 1 part lime juice and few splashes soda. You can add 1 part sugar syrup to sweeten .